Stunning aesthetic websites

Memorable websites that don’t look like ‘cookie cutter’ facial aesthetic websites.

Most facial aesthetic websites look the same. The messaging, images, and layout of these standardised sites will not remain in a potential customer’s long-term memory. He or she will be much less likely to patronise a business that looks like all the others.

The Digimax design team takes pride in carefully planning and designing a unique website that expresses your values and your brand.

We only work on a set number of websites per month. This way we ensure our teams give you and your site sufficient attention and time to create a quality site that sends a powerful message to visitors, turning them into visiting patietns by showcasing you and your clinic.

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With Google SEO in mind

Our websites ‘convert’ more patients

Mobile responsive design

Smartphone web usage has officially overtaken desktop usage.

Patients are using their smartphones to find you more than they are using a desktop or laptop. With such a big change in the way websites are viewed, making your site mobile responsive and user friendly is our priority. Google also prefers mobile responsive websites.

Social media integration

Integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Wherever you are in your social media profile, whether it be non-existent or extremely active, we have ways we can integrate your social media efforts to your website. We can also fully manage your social media or guide you on how to best handle this in-house.